Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015)

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Mobile Movie Man and may not necessarily reflect those of The Guy Corner NYC.

Good.  The Mobile Movie Man went to see this one in IMAX 3-D and let me tell you something kids…..with the state of the art CGI graphics, and ear splitting surround sound, it’s the only way to see this one.

The story is not exactly like the original, although it pays homage with a couple references to “Jurassic Park” sprinkled in throughout “Jurassic World”. There are bigger dinosaurs, and better chemistry between characters in this movie. The story is not exactly a remake, but kind of a reboot of the original. Basically twenty years have passed and another company has purchased and renovated the park making it bigger and better including the dinosaurs. It take a look into theme parks in general and how they have to come up with new idea’s every few years to make them relevant and get people to keep coming back to the park. So the keep creating new dinosaurs, and when you mess with mother nature….. we all know what’s going to happen in the end…but the movie will keep your attention throughout. The movie is entertaining and it was not a remake. In this day and age, that’s pretty good in its self. Let me tell you that this is no Jurassic Park, but still for what its worth it’s about as good as you’re gonna get. Not absolutely out of this “World” perhaps, but not a walk in the “Park” either.  So this is definitely a good way to beat the summer heat and check out a good popcorn movie that is worth the money.   For the select few of you out there still not getting after it on Twitter…..I’m not exactly sure what you are waiting for but click on this link and follow the leader.

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