Do You Remember The Ride Down Memory Lane?

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Hey New Yorkers, the Nostalgia Train got you to the Mets game as New York City prepared to ‘Shea’ goodbye to Shea Stadium. On Sunday, September 28, 2008 New York City Transit rolled out its vintage Nostalgia Train along the 7 line in commemoration of the final regular season home game at Shea.

Fans, along with NYC Transit officials, boarded the 7 train from the 42nd Street/Times Square Station shortly after 11 a.m. and arrived at Willets Point/Shea Stadium at around 12 noon. A fitting way to pay tribute to the long standing stadium and the train that serviced it for 44 years.

“What better way to soak in the nostalgia of the final game at Shea than to take a nostalgic ride on the original train that serviced Mets fans when the stadium first opened in 1964,” said Paul Fleuranges, VP of Corporate Communications for NYC Transit. “We’re proud to give the older generation of Met fans an opportunity to show the younger generation what it was really like to take the train to the game.”

Upon arrival at the stadium, Nostalgia Train riders were treated to the sound of music, as musicians from The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Music Under New York program performed live. Mr. Met was also on site to greet fans and pose for pictures.

Check out this video passing 103rd Street. Were you there? If so lets hear from you below.

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