Fake Demon Baby Terrifies N.Y.C.: Cool Or Just Ghool?

Devil Baby Attack, New York City, NYC, Rosemary's Baby, stunt, Thinkmodo, viral video

WARNING: If you are easily scared, you may not want to watch this video.

I am not sure if you have heard about this viral video back in January last year that hit YouTube called “Devil Baby Attack” but it has reached over 51,400,000 views to date. It was too good not to share as I did see it back last February but recently saw it again. Rosemary’s Baby was probably the last time New York City has been so horrified by an infant.

Viral marketing agency Thinkmodo (the N.Y.C.-based viral marketing agency also behind the “Carrie” prank last October), came up with a brilliantly wicked stunt involving a realistic animatronic doll and a remote-controlled stroller to promote Devil’s Due, a new horror film out Friday, and the results are hilarious.

Unsuspecting New Yorkers approach the abandoned baby carriage (and not just any baby carriage, the nearly $1,000 Bugaboo Cameleon stroller), but their concern quickly turns to terror as the puffy-eyed “Devil Baby” pops out at them with a diabolical scream.

Passers-by are lured to the stroller by the sound of a baby crying. Then, when they’re close, the Satanic occupant gives them the shock of their lives.

It even vomits and makes rude hand gestures.

Most are scared out of their wits by the hellborn babe, save for one steely sanitation worker who acts as though he has seen a lot worse in his day.

Cool or just ghool? Let us know below.

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