The Internet Then And Now (Infographic)

Internet Then and Now, Internet, Technology, Infographic

We’ve witnessed the growth of the Internet from terminals without screens to the rich environment we have today. With all the world’s information (and cat videos) at our fingertips, we’ve come a long way from the 1960s network that was developed to connect government computers, ARPANET.

The amount of innovation and progress that’s taken place in the span of a few short decades is astounding, especially when you consider the first Internet purchase was a pizza. Remember when getting online involved a dial-up modem at snail speed? Ah, the memories.

Rocket Fiber, the new Gigabit Internet service, is launching soon and promises to deliver Internet speeds of 1000 megabits per second. Advertised as “100 times faster than the average residential connection,” you could download a 500 MB movie in 2.6 seconds. Interested? The Rocket Fiber team has put together a cool infographic showing how far Internet technology has come. Check it out!

Internet Then and Now, Internet, Technology, Infographic


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  1. I hated the days of dial up. It was so slow and it took forever to get anything done].

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