Fizzics Makes Any Beer Better

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So CE Week NYC is over and I had the opportunity to check out a lot of the newest tech products out on the market and one of my favorites may have been one of the lowest in way of tech but highest in way of taste. Fizzics is a Indiegogo campaign that was started 1 month ago by Fizzics CEO – Phillip Petracca, CFO – Roger An and CTO – David McDonald. These 3 master beer chefs and tech geeks came up with a device that can enhance any beer. Yes it is true. Fizzics is The Guy Corner NYC tested and approved.

At CE Week, I had to opportunity to chat with both Phillip Petracca and Roger An. They gave me some of the physics in Fizzics (and enhanced the experience with some beer freshly tapped from the unit. The Fizzics unit is a light weight, go anywhere battery-powered counter top machine comprised of 3 major parts: a pressurized chamber to hold the beer, a sound-wave generator for creating foam and a micro-controller. Put any can, bottle or growler in the chamber (founders note you should always use cold beer with the machine for optimum results), insert the tube and seal it shut. You are done, well almost, just tap your beer. Simply pull the handle forward to tap your beer. The chamber pressurizes and forces the beer through the tube and into your glass in an attempt to preserve as much carbonation as possible. The unique feature of Fizzics, however, kicks in when you press the handle backward. This triggers a sound-wave generator that breaks up the bubbles of carbon dioxide in your beer, creating a dense head of foam with roughly uniformly sized bubbles.

It’s expected to retail for $199, but early backers of the Indiegogo campaign can secure a machine for $149 which includes a Fizzics growler. That price includes free shipping to the US; the page says international backers will be contacted shortly after the campaign closes with their shipping quote. The target for shipments is this October, but as with all crowdfunding campaigns, actual shipping times may vary. Thought the price may be steep for some. I know others that are sure to enjoy this product.

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