Android-Powered Zettaly Avy Smart Speaker Shipping In US

Zettaly, Avy, smart speaker

Zettaly Inc. (, a Conn.-based company, announces the public availability of its Avy Smart Speaker ahead of its exhibition at CE Week 2015 in New York. Avy, a wireless speaker and Android tablet all-in-one, provides direct access to Google Play and millions of songs, movies, shows and apps in a sleek, portable design. Featuring professionally fine-tuned sound, powerful 10-watt speakers, crisp 7” touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Avy is a perfect entertainment companion on the table, in the kitchen, around the house, or on the go. Avy is available on Zettaly’s website and for a list price of $199.95.


Powerful 10-watt sound
Support popular Internet music and video streaming apps
Access to Google Play and millions of apps
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
7″ capacitive touch screen
Portable, rechargeable, 7 hours of music playback
TV casting

About Zettaly Inc.

Zettaly Inc. is a consumer technology startup based in Westport, Connecticut. Founded in 2014 by ex- Googlers and veterans of the consumer electronics industry, Zettaly specializes in designing mobile, audio and video products. Zettaly’s mission is to empower everyone around the world to experience the wonder of novel, practical and delightful technology products in everyday living. See more at


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