Convert Your Commodore 64 Keyboard

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Do you remember the Commodore 64? I remember getting my Commodore 64 back in 2nd grade. The C64 made an impressive debut at the January 1982 Winter Consumer Electronics Show, as recalled by Production Engineer David A. Ziembicki: “All we saw at our booth were Atari people with their mouths dropping open, saying, ‘How can you do that for $595?'” The answer, as it turned out, was vertical integration; thanks to Commodore’s ownership of MOS Technology’s semiconductor fabrication facilities, each C64 had an estimated production cost of only US $135. Remember this was a $600 pc back in 1982.

Recently I came across my old Commodore 64 keyboard and I was always wondering “What if I was to convert it to a workable keyboard for my home pc today? How cool would that be?” Well after doing some research, as with most things it is doable. biosrhythm from what I saw did the best job in making the project as easy as possible. Check it out here if you are interested in converting an old Commodore 64.

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  1. tara pittman says:

    That is one old keyboard. I dont have any old keyboards to convert.


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