13 Signs You Are Chronically Over Scheduled

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Are you stressed out, sleep deprived and exhausted from your overwhelming schedule? Having a nice, full life can make you feel vital and alive. And life is all about striving toward your dreams. Sometimes, however, we tend to add so many activities to our schedules that our lives become imbalanced, overly stressful, and unhealthy. How can you tell if important areas of your life are suffering because you’ve taken on too much?

AROUND the world, the conflict between work and family life is a major issue. As one source indicates, ‘globalization, new technology, and a high-pressure, 24/7 economy have blurred the traditional line between home and work.’ These changes have created unprecedented wealth. But this success has come at a price. Says one author: “Millions of us are overworked, overscheduled, overwhelmed. We’re just plain stressed out.”

Now add to this the demoralizing effects of the recent economic recession. Workers worldwide, both white collar and blue collar, have lost their jobs and their homes. They probably wish they could be working hard.

Check out 13 Signs You Are Chronically Over-Scheduled by BuzzFeed

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