BodyGuardz Announces Apple Watch UltraTough® Clear ScreenGuardz® & Clear Skins

UltraTough, Clear ScreenGuardz, Apple, Watch

BodyGuardz, creators of the award-winning ScreenGuardz Pure® with The Crown™, announced the availability of its popular UltraTough® Clear ScreenGuardz® and UltraTough® Clear Skins™ for the Apple Watch earlier last week. UltraTough ScreenGuardz are designed to hug the Apple Watch face, providing an ultra-thin, transparent layer of scratch protection that is virtually indestructible. UltraTough Clear Skins cover the entire watch head, providing ultimate protection of both the face and the scratch-prone aluminum case. Both products are available for 42mm and 38mm watch sizes.

“The Apple Watch requires screen protection that can handle every day abuse and the UltraTough ScreenGuardz are designed for that,” said April Feller, chairman/CFO of BodyGuardz. “Apple enthusiasts around the world can trust UltraTough to keep their watch in tip-top shape.”

Customers who purchase any UltraTough product can enroll in BodyGuardz unique Advantage Replacement Program that offers low-cost replacements for the lifetime of the device. However, made from enhanced transparent material that was originally engineered to protect the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive materials, the company is confident that UltraTough Clear ScreenGuardz and UltraTough Clear Skins for the Apple Watch can handle the wear and tear of every day life.

UltraTough ScreenGuardz (MSRP: $9.95) and UltraTough Clear Skins (MSRP: $14.95) for the Apple Watch are now available on


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  1. That is good that there is a screen to protect your investment.


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