Brewing Success: Coffee Makes The Workplace Go Round

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Over half of the workers in a typical office have a coffee break during the day. But decision makers don’t mind. In fact, 9 out of 10 think a coffee break or two with co-workers increases productivity and improves morale. Perhaps that’s why coffee makers — and their close cousin the coffee machine — are so commonplace in U.S. offices.

With all that brewing going on, you may want to switch to bulk coffee orders. It’ll save you time because you don’t have to reorder as often. Plus, it saves your company money. You can order bulk coffee (as well as copier paper, cleaning supplies and many other office essentials) at the Bulk Center. You’ll find many other interesting coffee tidbits in the infographic below. For instance, caffeinated workers have an improved performance and made fewer errors compared to their decaffeinated co-workers. And, for people who sit at their desk and work on keyboards all day, caffeine has been shown to ease pain in the neck, shoulders, forearms and wrists. Studies have even found that coffee breaks bring people together which tends to promote the sharing of professional opinions and encourages creativity. The take away? Better make sure your coffee machine and coffee makers are well stocked and always ready to brew.

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