Mother’s Day Gift Idea For Techie Moms

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Hey guys, Mother’s Day is coming and lets face it sometimes the wife or female in your life likes a little tech too. Well the company behind the HYPER line of mobile accessories – presents Pearl as an excellent Mother’s Day gift idea. Pearl is a stylish compact mirror with an integrated battery pack that can charge iPhone, iPad, Android or any USB powered device.

Give Mom a portable charging solution for her smartphone and tablet without the need to carry a standalone battery pack, by combining the portable USB battery with another useful accessory, the compact mirror. Pearl features a clamshell design with a standard mirror on one side and an LED-lighted 3X mirror on the other to allow Mom to check her makeup on the go, even in the dark. With its 3000mAh battery capacity and fast 2.1A charging, Pearl can provide quick and ample power to Mom’s and her family’s smartphones, tablets and USB devices, allowing Mom to save the day for her family once again. Pearl itself is rechargeable via micro USB and comes in trendy colors of red, gold and silver, with a color matching microfiber pouch that holds the Pearl and a separate compartment for cables and Mom’s credit cards. Pearl’s slim and lightweight design makes it extremely portable, fun to use and an accessory that even Mothers will approve. Pearl is an essential companion for Mom’s handbag and the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Daniel Chin, Founder and CEO of HYPER by Sanho Corporation says, “Few will argue that Mothers are great multi-taskers. Mothers often have to take care of everything and everyone in family. Pearl is inspired by Mothers everywhere and aims to be a great multi-tasker too. It is a standard mirror, magnified mirror, LED flash light and USB battery pack all rolled into a compact and lightweight package.”


  • Excellent fashion and tech gift idea for Mother’s Day
  • World’s first compact mirror with built-in 3000mAh USB battery pack
  • Clamshell design with 2 mirrors (standard and 3X magnified)
  • Magnetic closure
  • Bright white LED vanity ring light around magnified mirror (with on/off switch) to check makeup in the dark or use as flash light
  • Fast charging 2.1A USB port that charges iPhone, iPad, Android, other USB devices
  • Pearl itself is rechargeable via micro USB with 4 stage LED battery level indicator
  • Fashionable, elegant, slim, lightweight, and easy to use
  • 3 trendy colors (red, gold, silver) to choose from

Product Specifications:
Capacity: 3000mAh
Diameter: 90mm
Thickness: 13mm
Weight: 4.2oz | 0.3lb | 119g
Charge Time: 2~3 hours
Output Power: 5V/2.1A (via USB port)
Input Power: 5V/1A (via Micro USB port)
Battery Life: up to 1000 x Cycles
Chemistry: Lithium Polymer

Pricing and Availability:
MSRP of Pearl is $39.95 and is now shipping via:
Online Store:

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