Movie Review: Wild Card (2015)

Wild Card, Movie Review, Action, Jason Statham


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Ok.  First off I want to welcome Sara_Croethle to the world of followers. Thanks for checking me out girl.  I’m a Jason Statham guy. I like his action movies, but in Wild Card he is a clone of every other movie he has made.

In this movie he plays the same tough guy, likable rogue character that he played in Parker, Safe, Killer Elite, Blitz, The Mechanic, The Transporter, and any other action movie he has made over his career. If Jason Statham movies are your thing, then you will enjoy this just as much as the others. The movie is a quick watch checking in at 90 minutes, and it’s the perfect movie for laying on the couch, or for a hangover Sunday. Not the best movie out there, but believe me you can so a hell of a lot worse than watching Wild Card. The Worm is a Statham guy and I’m sure he will like this one too!

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  1. tara pittman says:

    My husband would like this one.


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