23 Things Your Kids Will Never Understand

 AOL, Atari 2600, Blockbuster Video, Cassette Tapes, Commodore 64, dial-up internet, Dig Dug, Floppy Discs, Missile Command, Napster, Personal computer, Polaroids, Tower Records, TV Guide, VCRs, Yars' Revenge, Flashback Friday, encyclopedia

Today is Flashback Friday which got me thinking. It truly blows my mind how fast technology is moving compared to what I had as a kid. My generation got to see the first home computers. Who remembers when the Commodore 64 was the greatest PC in the world. You could write your own code and create your own programs or even put your own tag page on a already purchased program (at least that is what I did) lol. Yes I was a computer geek thanks to my COMPUTE!’s Gazette.

How about the Atari 2600 game system (which I still have, BTW). Cartridges and cleaning them by blowing into them. Lets not forget the graphics. Stick figures with no faces were the best. lol or classic games like Missile Command, Pac Man, Dig Dug, Seaquest, Yars’ Revenge, Summer Games and Dodge ‘Em just to name a few.

I wish for one month my kids could only use the technology that I grew up on. I would love to document their reactions. It would also give me the opportunity to go back in time when things were simpler. There was Blockbuster Video, vinyl records, floppy discs, cameras that used film and you could not preview it to make sure it came out nice, dial-up, remembering phone numbers because there were no cell phones to program them into, how about an encyclopedia or recording songs off the radio and trying to get little if any of the talking before and after the songs. Today’s generation will never understand how good they have it. I can not even guess what their kids will have.

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