6 Reasons Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Text With Their Kids

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Look I think everyone has a right to text. Lets face it I was sending texts way before my kids knew what a text was. In the era of smartphones, especially iPhones and auto-correct, sending texts could get funny & sometimes downright embarrassing. You never know what you might see if it makes it to you. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. I think I am pretty well versed in texting lingo but every day kids come up with new text lingo.

On top of the whole auto-correct issue some people (maybe some parents) use it and possibly shouldn’t due to the sense of humor or lack there of. See what I mean in the below video.


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  1. Ha ha that’s funny! Sometimes when my lad texts me I have to use the urban text speech language online before I reply. Mind you it’s worse if I’m not wearing my glasses I texted him the other night saying … Did you remember to lick the door? He replied yep with my tongue! :-/

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