Sleeping Fan Victimized By Beer Cups At Shea Stadium

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Baseball season is upon us and we all know that guy (or girl) who has the tenancy to drink too much at the ballpark. I just hope that guy/girl isn’t you. In the second game of a beer-filled doubleheader, a young man falls asleep in his box seat. Bad decision. By the time this action peaked, literally hundreds of people were watching, not only from the orange seats but also from the mezzanine and upper deck.

It is worth noting, to the masters of assumption out there, that the folks playing the prank on him were his friends, who knew he was okay. He was visibly breathing. And he cracked up for three innings straight after learning what had happened, laughed with the fans who had photographed him and even autographed people’s beer bottles. He was a terrific sport who left the stadium on his own power.

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  1. tara pittman says:

    That whats friends are 4. They had a good time.


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