The Guy Corner NYC Rant: Giving Up Your Seat

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Photo credit: Mariela Lombard, Freelance

While on the 7 train commuting into work today. I notice two young males (mid to late 20s if I had to guess) occupying four seats on the train. disturbed by this I waited to see if they would eventually offer a seat and slide over as the train got more packed. As we got to new stops they did not budge. Then the next thing I saw really irked me. A clearly pregnant woman got on the train and still they acted no different, not offering up the seat. Yes, I offered my seat but waited a few minutes to observe the behaviors of the two males.

Maybe because I am a father of two, uncle of four I take a different approach to situations like this but it is very sad to see that our society has changed so much over the years. People have no respect for one another any more. As some would say, chivalry is dead. All you need to do is ride the NYC subway system (especially the 7 train in my honest opinion) to see this clearly. It is common courtesy on public transportation especially to offer your seat to expectant mothers, mothers with young children, elderly, and the physically handicapped. Some trains state that certain seats MUST be relinquished for the above types of people.

If this is how we are teaching our kids to act, how are they going to teach their kids the right way. It will only get worse as generations move on. Please share this so the youth out there understand that it is important to be courteous and offer our seat on public transportation to people who need it. Remember, by giving up your seat to a pregnant woman, mother with young children, elderly, or physically handicapped person,  for that matter, it does not make you less of a man. In fact it makes you more of one.

Would you offer your seat to an expectant mother, mother with young children, elderly, or physically handicapped person? Sound off below.

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  1. macsprat says:

    Thank you for posting this! It makes me sad, too and I agree with you that few people offer common courtesy anymore. Yet, I am grateful and hopeful because of one dad of two and an uncle of four! 🙂 All is not lost, at least you will teach your young ones, as will I! (my hubby is a good one, too)

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    1. Overall courtesy has definitely gone out the window with today’s generation. It is very sad!


  2. tara pittman says:

    I think manners have gone out the door. I would have said something to the guys, maybe they needed a reminder.

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    1. I have been known to say something. So much so that my sister in law and wife sometimes get embarrassed.


  3. JoePa_NYC says:

    I usually get up but have to admit that after a day at work & having the back problems that I do,I sometimes take the power nap route…
    I DONT get up for the lil’ Asian women who stare at you & expect you to get up. To them I say “You no sit here”!!!!!


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