Colgate: Not Just For Teeth Anymore

cleaning, headlights, car care, Colgate, toothpaste, life hack
Headlight 1 before-after
cleaning, headlights, car care, Colgate, toothpaste, life hack
Headlight 2 before-after


Despite that it is the first day of spring and the North East is going to get even more snow today, it is Spring and we want to get our cars cleaned and looking good on the road. Part of getting you car looking good is making sure the headlights are shining bright especially at night. Because of this I decided to do a little test on something I have seen on Pinterest a lot. A potential Life Hack for your car. Lets see how it worked out.

Some time ago I was looking into products that would help clean the front headlights of my car. As I’m sure you know over the years the headlights start to build up a film which dull the brightness of your lights. Cloudy headlights affect hundreds of thousands of vehicles in virtually every make of car and truck, foreign or domestic. I started looking around on line and noticed these products cost an average of $15+ so one day on Facebook I noticed someone saying that they used toothpaste to improve the brightness of their headlights. Skeptical but yet interested I figured what does it hurt, let me give it a try. To my surprise toothpaste really did work and it is a lot cheaper than the other products out there on the market. Save money over expensive replacements and restore them yourself, it’s quick and easy, best of all anyone can do it with no special training or tools.

What you need:

– white toothpaste (the brand does not matter)
– A clean rag
– windex
– paper towel
– some old fashion elbow grease


  1. Clean and dry your headlights with windex.
  2. Squeeze out the toothpaste around the outline of the headlight and with an x through the middle
  3. Take your clean rag and work the toothpaste into the headlight with some elbow grease well.
  4. Clean your headlight a second time with windex.

What do you think of this Life hack? Do you know of any other good life hacks? If so, share them below in the comments section.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. weekendparent says:

    I’m giving this a shot on my shower windows when I get home this evening!


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