The 16 Most Awful Parts Of Shaving

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If you are like me, you hate shaving. That might explain why I seem to have a 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 7 o’clock shadow most of the time. It also might be the reason I keep telling myself that the winter is the perfect time to “give my face a break and grow a beard”

For a great shave and healthier skin, you have to go beyond gliding a razor over skin. Combine these tips with the right pre-shave, shave, and post-shave regimen for the ultimate shave.

  • Shave after showering to pre-soften the skin.
  • Pay attention to hair growth direction: The best time to determine the pattern of your beard is to run your hand along beard growth approximately one to three days after shaving.
  • Avoid alkaline-based products and soap, which can dry skin.
  • Avoid after-shave lotions containing alcohol – they not only cause pain, but contribute to irritation and fail to replace the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • Shave with the right pressure: pressing hard won’t deliver a closer shave, just more irritation.
  • Use a steady, constant motion when shaving, making each stroke around 1 to 2 inches long.
  • Rinse the blade clean before each stroke.
  • Use a sharp, clean razor and shave with the grain.*

*If you have a heavy, coarse beard, shave against the grain only after first shaving with the grain (when the hair is shorter and less likely to curl back in on itself). Re-apply all necessary shaving mediums before shaving against the grain.

My two favorites in BuzzFeed Awful Parts Of Shaving are:

2. Looking like you got into a fight with a tiny swordsman

8. Walking around with razor burn and ingrown hairs

Check out 14 other awful parts of shaving by BuzzFeed

What are you most awful parts of shaving? Let us know in the comments section below.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. David says:

    Have you tried shaving with a safety razor or straight razor? I used to hate shaving but after switching, I actually quite enjoy it!


    1. David,

      I can not say I have ever tried it but am sure if I was to shave with a straight razor, I would go out of the house looking like I just came off the set of a horror movie.


  2. tara pittman says:

    The not so joys of shaving. I am glad to be a girl.


  3. Best tip ever from someone else who hates shaving: Don’t! Grow a beard instead 🙂


    1. Well said. The beard is my winter face but shave soon after.


  4. Matt Brennan says:

    Ha. I’m just someone else with facial hair leaving a comment. 🙂 I hate it too. Always end up knicking my neck. It could explain why I’ve always got the shadow as well. Good tips though.


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