Which Apple Product Will Take Center Stage?

iPhone 6S, Apple, Apple Watch, TouchID, iOS 9, A9, Spring Forward event

Apple recently handed out press invites for its Spring Forward event on March 9. Although it is unconfirmed which device will take center stage during the event, many believe that it would be the Apple Watch. Specific details about the wearable are expected to finally be revealed and discussed, and along with that would likely be the introduction of a new smartphone, speculated to be the rumored iPhone 6S.

According to Apple Insider, the new iPhone 6S will feature Force Touch, which was first seen in the Apple Watch. The new feature will allow users to manage the device even with the slightest touch, making the screen ultra-sensitive.

There are also some speculations that the iPhone 6S just might feature a virtual reality screen display. A new patent was awarded to the tech giant by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for virtual reality headset and display technology. It describes a display that can be worn over the head and can be adjusted according to the user’s preference and convenience. However, since some companies use patents simply to protect technology and to prevent competitors from developing it, the feature might or might not make it to the iPhone 6S.

Aside from the futuristic screen display, the device is said to house the new A9 processor, a bigger 4 GB RAM, iOS 9 with new features including support to Apple Watch, Car Play and improved TouchID fingerprint sensor, HealthKit and Apple Pay.

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