A-Audio Icon ANC Headphones: The Review

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I have always been a big fan of over the ear headphones but never came across a design that really wowed me and for the price of some of the higher quality headphones; I wanted it not only to sound good but to look just as good. Last year at CE Week I came across a company that has incorporated both features that I have been looking for, for some time. The A-Audio Icon ANC Headphones are those headphones.

A-Audio is a Florida based company started by Christian Iacovelli. His company was founded on the premise of innovation, quality, precision, and craftsmanship and they really hit each of those points in my opinion. Back in June of last year when I had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Iacovelli, their top of the line headphones were their Legacy model, a wired model with 3-Stage Listening Technology allowing the user to switch between Base Enhancer, Active Noise Cancellation and Audio modes. All 3 headphones that they currently sell come in either Matte Black or Liquid Chrome. Though the Matte Black is nice, IMO the Liquid Chrome adds an added wow factor and does really add to the look of the headphones.

In 2015 A-Audio has brought the same great sound and style to you in a Bluetooth rechargeable Icon model. These are some powerful, good looking headphones that I am proud to wear and even in the short period of time that I have used them I have received countless complements and questions about them. With 40mm drivers and noise cancellation plus bass boost, this metal and leather-bound set plays the part of kick-ass headset that I am proud to wear every day of the week.

Inside the hard shell carrying case you will find: 1 set of A-Audio Headphones, Luxury travel case, Lithium Ion Rechargeable (and replaceable) Battery 3.7V-580 mAh, Two audio cables one with and one without remote & microphone, Polishing cloth & warranty card, Instructional booklet as well as a 1,800 mAh rechargeable battery pack while on-the-go.

Firstly, sound quality is excellent. Whether you’re rocking out, listening to some bass kicking hip-hop or even some top 40 you’ll love the sound quality. From the highs to the lows the sound is clear and very steady. You’ll love it more with the noise cancellation on, whether or not you need it. If I had to make one complaint about the ANC is that it can only be used wirelessly. I am also a fan of bass but even when you are not using Bass Boost, the boom definitely is not lacking by any means.

In way of comfort, even though these headphones may be all metal headphones unlike most out on the market today, they are one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. It is not overly heavy and the ear cups and head cushions are really nice. The plush leather is thick on the cans and headband. The only problem I can see is during the summer when I normally get warmer than some people. I wonder how long I will be able to wear these without sweating a bit due to the leather.

A-Audio Headphones, Bluetooth, ANC, headphones, Review, tech, Active Noise CancellationThe Icon Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones with 3-Stage Technology combine high quality audio, great comfort, and excellent features. On the outside of the right ear cup, are your controls while in Bluetooth mode. You can increase and lower your volume as well as Play/Pause you music as well as skip tracks and even answer and end a phone call that comes in. The mic is also positioned just below the chrome bezel.

These headphone are available through A-Audio ($379.00).

What do you think of these headphones? Let us know in the comments section below.

Disclosure: I received the A-Audio Icon ANC Headphones in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.

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