Movie Review: Birdman (2014)

Birdman, Drama, Movie Review

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Mobile Movie Man and may not necessarily reflect those of The Guy Corner NYC.

Good.  Now I came into this movie with some preconceived notions because this movie won the Oscar for best picture.  I thought the movie was good, but if you are looking for the best film of the year then please keep looking because this film defines the term overrated to me.

This is a very slow moving drama. In a nutshell this is about a Hollywood actor who is risking his life on a play that he is starring in, writing, and directing. He also has a daughter fresh out of rehab played by the milky white Emma Stone. This is one of those films that the critics will go gaga over, and the normal people out there like me will be scratching their heads wondering to themselves “really??” Mark my words, this film will be forgotten in two years. It’s good but can’t compare to some of the past winner that are classics like Silence of the Lambs, Forest Gump, Braveheart, and Titanic just to name a few.  Check it out for yourself and you be the judge. I’m anxious to see what you think.

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  1. tara pittman says:

    This movie has a catchy title. It reminds me of Rainman


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