Boys At The Ballpark

I’m sharing my epic moments thanks to Schick Hydro® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #MakeItEpic

#MakeItEpic, NY Mets, baseball, tailgate, Schick Hydro®, Socialstars, #sponsored

Our tailgate is better than your tailgate, just saying!

As I am sure you know by now, I am a die hard NY Mets and NY Giants fan.  Well every year a group of friends (and friends of friends) get together to celebrate the baseball season for the NY Mets Opening Day with a huge tailgate better known as the Bad Ass Tailgate Bash. Some of us get to the MTA lot across from Citi Field nice an early to secure our usual spot up against the back fences. Some of the guys and girls get there nice and early to claim our space.

Years ago, Sean (the master planner, the guy running the show) started a little tailgate with a small little portable grill, hot dogs, hamburgers, beers and a few close friends. Today those friends bring friends and we cater the event with a whole roasted pig, smoked brisket, hamburgers and hot dogs, some crazy salads and more. I will never forget the first year we catered the tailgate and the other groups who were also tailgating saw the pick up truck pull into the lot with a huge grill/smoker in back pull in and head to our location their eyes followed and were in total awe. They knew who was throwing the big tailgate bash that day. Along with the food we have beer pong and cornhole set up.

#MakeItEpic, NY Mets, baseball, tailgate, Schick Hydro®, Socialstars, #sponsored

#MakeItEpic, NY Mets, baseball, tailgate, Schick Hydro®, Socialstars, #sponsored

When at the tailgate along with eating and drinking with friends, I love to take photos of all the festivities. It really lets you share with others the excitement/shenanigans of the event and believe me there are plenty of shenanigans going on at the tailgate. Even when we head into the stadium we go as one big pack, usually hanging out up on the Pepsi Porch at Citi Field. The weather may be cold, there may even be snow on the ground but we are there partying from before the game and continue the festivities (Win or Lose) back in our spot after the game is over. Here are just a few photos from our NY Mets Opening Day tailgate.

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I am a big fan of photography apps on the iPhone, but what I really enjoy are the ones that allow users to get creative and really let their imagination fly. This means taking a photograph, and adding some meaning behind it, making it a source of inspiration for others. There are a plethora of apps to do that, but until now I have not come across one that does a really good job of combining that creative aspect and incorporating a social media platform until now. I have found an app that really shares feeling of the photo called Studio Design, (Free) a great app that makes it easy for anyone to create their own photo designs while also providing a micro-social network with it. This free app offers the ability to remix your favorite photos by adding layers of shapes, fonts and filters.  Give it a shot.  Don’t worry if you really like you current photo based social platform as you can save your creation to your photo library as well and use it elsewhere.

#MakeItEpic, NY Mets, baseball, tailgate, Schick Hydro®, Socialstars, #sponsored
Last year we were able to Make It Epic by being featured on the front cover of one of the local newspapers.

Take your favorite photos and make them epic.  Don’t forget to look me up under theguycornernyc while you there!) Do you already have the app? How do you like it? What are some ways you take your events to the next level? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #MakeItEpic.

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