New York Wing Fans Celebrate Over 50 Years Of The Best Wings

Wings Festival, NYCB Theatre at Westbury, VIP packages, Blue Point Brewery Company, Matthew Kourie, Robert Wittman

It may be snowing out and you might get snowed in but it is not too early to be thinking about food festivals. Food and craft beers are some of my favorites. Well look no further as the chicken wing culture is booming! From its birth some 50 years ago, the Buffalo wing as we have all come to know and salivate over has galvanized a nation of fowl-loving foodies.

Once considered scrap parts, the chicken wing has emerged to become highly sought after fare by millions each year and like other cultural movements, the recent craft beer explosion immediately comes to mind, there are enthusiasts, and then there are straight up fanatics!

Enter’s Matthew Kourie and Robert Wittman. As native New Yorkers on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ wing, Kourie and Wittman celebrate their love of wings with regularity by visiting local restaurants to critique their wing offerings. In the process, the duo decided to launch, which provides edgy and accurate review content and serves as a resource offering a wealth of information for fellow die-hard wing fans.

“Now that people are aware of the 50th anniversary of the Buffalo wing, their love for wings is getting really passionate,” says Kourie. “’The ‘Wing Boom of 2015’ is well underway and the lust for one of America’s favorite foods is becoming insatiable. You’re not only seeing great classic Buffalo wings but the flavors and variety are rapidly growing; from Garlic Parmesan to Smoked BBQ wings, the possibilities are endless.”

Now, Kourie and Wittman are elated to take their passion for wings one AMAZE-WING step further to offer the ultimate experience for wing fanatics with The New York Best Wings Festival.

On Sunday, June 7th, 2015, Kourie and Wittman will host The New York Best Wings Festival on their native Long Island. The one-day inaugural event, set to take place at the renowned NYCB Theatre at Westbury, will boast not only those who create and those who consume wings, but also sauce-makers and over 50 vendors representing different types of foods, including vegetarian options.

What makes the festival so appealing is its universality. Catering to a large cross-section of people and to a broad ageless demographic where all are welcome, the festival also finds notable restaurants competing for awards and culminates in the thrilling Best Wings Championships, which will feature decorated wing champs and first time hopefuls. The landmark contest is open to regional and national contestants.

“We’ve done many festivals in the past. We make it friendly for all ages. If you are a college student or if you have a family with kids, if you like eating wings, this is for you,” says Wittman.

In addition to wing-eating and other food-oriented competitions, there will be amusements, face-painting, craft brewery tastings, and more, which lead up to the main event, which is the championship bout, where the most notable “Wing Men of NY” will serve as seasoned judges. That includes Kourie and Wittman along with Matt Reynolds, who is director and star of The Great Chicken Wing Hunt; the Ultimate Wingman known as Ryan Hohman, and Bring the Wing’s Brian Dempsey.

Among many great sponsors, Kourie and Wittman are proud to announce Blue Point Brewery Company, Long Island’s oldest and most award-winning brewery, as the official beer sponsor of the festival.

“For as long as Buffalo wings have been around, good beer has been served with them. Whether you want to fan the fire with a hoppy IPA or perfectly pair milder wings with a crisp Pilsner, there’s a Blue Point beer to match every style of wing. We’re excited to be the official craft beer sponsor of this year’s

New York Best Wings Festival!” – Curt Potter, Brand Manager, Blue Point Brewing Company

All of these elements have allowed The New York Best Wings Festival to quickly earn “can’t miss” status, as it will be an utterly massive gathering of tri-state wing lovers.

So why is The New York Best Wings Festival the wing festival of the region and perhaps of the entire country? Because Kourie and Wittman are powered not only by their taste buds and their long-term, ongoing love of wings but also by the satisfaction they get in uniting the wing community on many levels. It’s also the next logical step and extension of Best Wings LI.

Advance tickets and VIP packages to The New York Best Wings Festival at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury can be purchased HERE.


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  1. tara pittman says:

    My teenager would love to attend this. He would be in meat paraidise


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