Movie Review: Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

Deliver Us From Evil, Horror, Movie Review

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Mobile Movie Man and may not necessarily reflect those of The Guy Corner NYC.

Good.  Now Horror is the least favorite genera of the Mobile Movie Man. I just think the movies are dumb and not scary at all. Freddie and Jason never bothered me growing up but on the other hand the movie The Serpent and The Rainbow terrified me as a kid.

I think it’s because there is a chance there is some truth to it is why it scared me so much. So slasher films have zero effect, but anything with the devil bothers me.  So I came into this movie with extremely low expectations, but let me tell you that I have not seen a movie this scary to me since the Serpent and The Rainbow.  There is a feel to this movie of Seven, and the Exorcist, but there is also something different about this one.  It has a great combination of a horror film and a crime drama wrapped into one. It keeps you on your toes throughout and never drags.  Eric Bana place a NYC cop and it gives you a good look into the terrible stuff cops experience daily. Some of the scary scenes seem to be a little exaggerated but over all this is a great selection for a scary movie night. I was honestly scared this morning when I was getting ready for work in a pitch black house. So give it a shot and enjoy. Hell of a streak we are on here folks, hell of a streak!

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