Will The Real Peter Griffin Please Stand Up?

Real Life Peter Griffin, Robert Franzese, cosplay, Family Guy,

As it was said in “Yes, Virginia there really is a Santa Claus” he exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist… and his name is Robert Franzese. He is the real life Peter Griffin.

Robert has been doing impressions for some time and came natural to him.  He is a cosplayer who enjoys personifying Peter Griffin for the amusement of others. Robert has also been known to cosplay other characters like Sgt. Slaughter.

This Long Island native, born in Richmond Hill, Queens was only 6 months old when his family moved out to Suffolk County where he has lived ever since. Robert’s first exposure to voice acting was when his brother would imitate Grover from Sesame Street for me when he was a little kid.

“That was probably the first voice I ever did, along with Yoda because they have practically the same voice.” said Franzese

From there he just watched cartoons and imitated the voices I heard. Some I was good at, others not good at all. We can all agree that is Peter Griffin is by far the best. Take a look as he invaded New York Comic Con 2014.

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