Phāz Debuts High Performance Headphones With On-the-Go Power Boost

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Phāz Music, a new audio electronics company more than two years in the making, introduces the Model P2 headphones. The P2s are the first over-ear headphones that combine patented power transfer technology that boosts the power of your mobile device with high performance audio quality.

“Imagine being able to boost the device you’re listening to, simply by listening. Phāz is changing what it means for products to be mobile-friendly – instead of simply working with your device on-the-go, we’re actually going to help power it, too,” said David Munzlinger, president of Phāz Music. “The Model P2s are the perfect harmony of great sound, impeccable design and truly differentiated technology that makes them not just a fun pair to add to your collection, but the only pair of headphones you’ll really need.”

Phāz saw a powerful opportunity to engineer a new platform that transfers energy from an integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery to a mobile device. The patented design allows consumers to power boost their device via the headphones’ USB port, simply and easily.

The P2s were acoustically engineered to satisfy the way people hear sound; they present deep bass and great dynamic range, all in a lightweight and sophisticated headphone. Built into the Model P2 is an audiophile-grade amplifier powering premium 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets which offer consistent and smooth sound quality. Listeners can activate the 15 dB bass boost feature to enhance detailed, and distortion-free low frequencies which is something currently impossible with equalizer apps running on phones and tablets. The Model P2 still delivers sound, operating as a passive headphone, even if its battery runs down completely.

“The whole point of headphones is listening to music on-the-go,” said David Munzlinger, president of Phāz Music. “Yet, too often, your mobile device isn’t ready when you are. We’ve worked to solve that problem and eliminate that moment of choosing between your music and a phone call because you don’t have enough power to do both.”

Normally, adding a relatively large rechargeable battery might make headphones too heavy. But Phāz’s engineers designed the Model P2 specifically with the high-capacity battery in mind. By making extensive use of carbon fiber, they made the Model P2 exceptionally light and very durable.

The P2’s adjustable stainless steel hinges allow the perforated, soft ear cups to fold into the headband for compact, easy storage and transportation. Incredibly comfortable ear pads are detachable and interchangeable with 5 different options (sold separately) including orange, green, pink, black and purple. The P2s also feature a 3.5mm audio output jack that allows you to easily share your music.

Phāz will showcase the new Model P2 headphones during Pepcom at CES 2015 and at booth #72767 at CES Tech West at the Sands Convention Center.

The P2s have an MSRP of $249 and will be available for pre-order starting on January 6, 2015 on The products will be shipping April 2015.


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  1. tara pittman says:

    These look so comfy.I like the purple one best.


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