Braised Venison Ribs


Photo credit: Go Carnivore

I know we are in the biggest season of eating but what better time to try something new (especially if you have a hunter in the family). I have always been one who will pretty much try most types of food. I mean I remember when I was younger trying and liking tripe so with it being deer hunting season in NY, I figured I would share a recipe that I found online. I do not have any deer lying around but I figured if any of my deer hunting friends want to invite me over for a meal (if you guys read this, you know who you are).

Venison has enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent years, owing to the meat’s lower fat content. It can often be obtained at less cost than beef by hunting (in some areas a doe license can cost as little as a few dollars); many families use it as a one to one substitute for beef, especially in the US mid-south, Midwest, Mississippi Valley and Appalachia. In many areas, this increased demand has led to a rise in the number of deer farms.

Ever since the first time I had Venison, I knew that along with duck, it would be a favorite of mine. I never have gone out hunting, though I have had opportunities and friends have asked me to go with them in the past. Years ago I went as far as getting my rifle license.

Check out this recipe for Braised Venison Ribs by Go Carnivore.


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  1. Gotta love game meat. Venison rib roast is one of my favorites!


  2. When I lived in Illinois many years ago, the food pantries gave out deer meat. My husband would love this for dinner.


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