Swiftpoint’s New Generation Computer Mouse Wins Top CES Innovation Award

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Swiftpoint announced that its new generation computer mouse Swiftpoint GT has won the 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award and is immediately available for pre-orders through the Kickstarter platform via www.swiftpoint.com/ks. The announcement was made at the CES Unveiled event in New York.

Swiftpoint GT combines intuitive touch gestures with the precision and convenience of a mouse. It is the first device offering a unique combination of user benefits:

  • Truly natural touch gestures using a finger and wrist action
  • Enables touch gestures with non-touch screens and without having to reach for the screen
  • Speeds up work in documents, spreadsheets, popular office and productivity applications by eliminating the dependence on scroll-bars
  • Opens up touch to Windows 7 and bridges the gap between touch and non-touch modes in Windows 8 and 10
  • Helps achieve touch gesture effects on Mac OS X, Android tablets and iPads (using a remote desktop application)
  • Small and lightweight, with a pen-like ergonomic grip comfortable for all hand sizes
  • 30-40% more efficient and accurate than a touchpad
  • Rechargeable and wireless supporting Bluetooth 4 or the supplied USB receiver

Swiftpoint Founder and CEO Grant Odgers says “Each year, CES, the largest trade show in the US with over 160,000 attendees, awards the top electronic devices the title of ‘CES Best of Innovation’. It’s a tremendous honor that Swiftpoint has been awarded the prestigious ‘Best of Innovation Award’ in the Computer Peripherals category and I’m very proud to see the work of our team achieve world recognition.”

The Swiftpoint GT mouse will be on display at Swiftpoint’s booth 74949 at the Sand Expo Center during the 2015 International CES, which runs January 6 – 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Swiftpoint GT Launches on Kickstarter.com for December Delivery

To reward customers and the Kickstarter community Swiftpoint is today launching its award winning new generation mouse on Kickstarter with a special early bird price offer.

Odgers says “We are active supporters of the Kickstarter community collectively backing 20 projects, and wanted to support this community of people with great ideas, many of whom are also our customers.”

Pledges start from USD $87.00 for the Swiftpoint GT mouse with a full suite of accessories and free shipping in the US and New Zealand. Shipping is expected to start in the first week of December.

Pledges can be made by going to www.swiftpoint.com/ks

Unique Technology

What makes the Swiftpoint GT a world first is the patented ‘Gesture Technology™’ that enables users to take productivity to a new level. “With just a swipe of the mouse using a natural finger and wrist action, you can quickly and precisely flick and pan straight to where you want to be in a long document or a wide spreadsheet. You won’t need to reach for your touch screen, or click on a scroll bar ever again,” says Odgers.

Touch screens are not ideal for productivity applications in laptop/desktop environments, as they often cause users to work sub-optimally. “Take for example the latest release of Microsoft Office. It has touch and gesture features built in, but the reality is that doing Excel spreadsheets and Word documents with a touch screen does not work well at all. So we still use a keyboard and mouse and miss out on the great touch features that are now built into Word, Excel, and Windows. The Swiftpoint GT solves this problem,” he says.


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