No Black Friday For Me

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Today is Black Friday. Personally I have never been a big fan of people pushing and shoving to get deals for the holiday season. That is not to say I have never done it but I can guarantee I can count the times I have done it on one hand with room to spare.

Black Friday was first celebrated in the 1960s as the moment that announced the start of the Christmas shopping season. Ever since those times, the Friday after Thanksgiving has been recognized as the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. It is called Black Friday because of the crowds and the thousands of people who went out for Black Friday, the holiday was linked to many traffic accidents and even to violence. Shocker! lol. Can you sense my sarcasm?

Somehow Black Friday even with the advent of internet shopping, is guaranteed to include plenty of pushing and shoving at the malls and stores. 224.000.000 people shopped last year on Black Friday and the spending exceeded $10.400.000.000. In 2011, statistics actually indicated that Americans purchased more than $52 billion worth merchandise during the Thanksgiving weekend.

I can guarantee you will not find me at the stores this Friday or (hopefully) any Black Friday in the future for that matter. If you ask me, Cyber Monday is more my speed. Shopping in the comfort of my own home nice and warm with some hot chocolate or maybe an adult cocktail. If you really insist on shopping in store, here are some Black Friday shopping tips from

Safe shopping!

Are you going out to shop this Black Friday? What do you plan on buying this year? Leave your responses in the comments section below.

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