Mets Move The Fences In At Citi Field Again

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The New York Mets today announced they are moving in portions of the outfield wall at Citi Field. The changes affected are located in center to right field ranging from three to 11 feet. All other dimensions will remain the same.

“These modifications are a refinement of previous changes made to the Citi Field fences and continue to be fair to both pitchers and hitters,” said Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson. “A lot of analysis went into this decision. We believe these of home runs without adversely affecting our pitchers.” Click here for a PDF showing the differences from 2014 to 2015.

Shea Stadium Dimensions:

Left Field 338 ft.
Left Center 371 ft.
Center 410 ft.
Right Center 371 ft.
Right Field 338 ft.

Citi Field Dimensions 2014 (2015):

Left Field 335 ft.
Left Center 370 ft.
Center 408 ft.
Right Center 375 ft. (370 ft., 2015)
Right Field 330 ft.


Shea     2014      2015



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