Movie Review: Million Dollar Arm (2014)

Million Dollar Arm, Movie  Review, Drama, Sports

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Good.  Finally something I didn’t hate.  I’m a sucker for movies like this, Disney does a great job at tapping that potent appeal of the underdog in sports like it has in Invincible, Miracle, and The Rookie.

They take a true story and put in some real life angst to keep it from being unbelievable but also sprinkle a little fairy dust on it so it has that Disney happy ending. I did think the movie was going to be a little better than it actually was, but I still really liked it. This is a movie the whole family can watch and not a single foul word throughout.  Good writing, acting, and cinematography. This is a good feel good movie that is definitely worth watching with the whole family.  Hopefully we can string a few good ones together because that run I was on was painful.

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  2. tara pittman says:

    Good info! I like that it is family friendly.


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