The Zombie Pizza Prank

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Halloween is all about pranks so Prank vs Prank teamed up together again to prank the public. This time they lured people over to get “free pizza” when really they were hiding in the pizza box to pop out and scare them as they opened it! PvP created a table with a large hole in the middle and stacked up pizza boxes that we also cut holes in so that they could hide underneath.

It was concealed with a table cloth so no one could see. Jesse stood behind the table convincing people that it was the best pizza on South St. in Philly. Some were skeptical thinking it was a gimmick because it sounded too good to be true that they were giving away free pizza. HAHA and those people were right! It was definitely too good to be true when a scary zombie popped out of the delicious fresh pizza box. The best was when people were grabbing a plate getting prepared to eat a slice.

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