5 Top Features Of The iPhone 6

Apple, iPhone 6, iPHone 6 Plus, NFC, larger screen, NFC, Apple Pay, HD Retna display

Apple, under the guidance of their late CEO Steve Jobs, was known for its innovative designs, advanced technological features, and marketing genius. At Tuesday afternoon’s much-anticipated Apple Special Event unveil, these strengths were on full display for current CEO Tim Cook. The most anticipated smartphone of the year will be have two models. The world’s most valuable company revealed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as the all new Apple Watch. The launch of Apple’s latest devices took place at a conference Cupertino, California.

However, the doors were not shut for the rest of the world, as Apple offered a live stream of the event from their website. Unlike previous iPhones of recent memory , the sixth generation of the iPhone marks significant changes across the board. Consumers can take a look at statistical and visual comparisons online.  Here is a quick run down of the basic take aways and top 5 features about the devices:

Bigger is Better
Apple has finally given into consumer demands and the direction of smartphone technology, by deciding to incorporate a bigger screen on this year’s models. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen, which is a significant landscape upgrade from the now seemingly tiny 4 inch  display of its fifth generation (iPhone 5, 5S, 5C). Yet, the boldest move for Apple’s design may be the size of the screen for the iPhone 6 Plus. The new smartphone  now includes  a 5.5 inch screen, which is by far the largest screen apple has ever designed for a phone.

Apple, iPhone 6, iPHone 6 Plus, NFC, larger screen, NFC, Apple Pay, HD Retna display

Your iPhone Can Replace Your Wallet
The fingerprint sensor technology present on last year’s iPhone 5S was quite a technological upgrade from previous Apple devices. However, now the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus take a technology that was used primarily as a security feature and expand it to the convenience of personal finance. Only the latest iPhones will be able to act as your digital wallet, with an all new mobile payment system.

The upcoming platform called, Apple Pay uses revolutionary NFC, or Near Field Communication that allows for your phone to make transactions at over 220,000 participating merchants. The technology works in sync with an encrypted chip already installed and seamlessly provides for the use of  American Express, Visa, and MasterCard payments. Convenient one tap /fingerprint scan for efficient and secure payments are an easier option for iPhone customers who do not want to run the risk of carrying cash or loosing their wallets. Users can store their credit and debit card information without sharing it with Apple via Passbook.  Apple Pay will be up and running in the US  as early as October and  the Apple Watch will be available early in the new year.

Apple, iPhone 6, iPHone 6 Plus, NFC, larger screen, NFC, Apple Pay, HD Retna display

New Design
Not only is the screen size different but the new iPhones have a brand new design. There are no more hard metal edges. The new generation of iPhone has a much more smooth and rounded look, as the edges of the glass screen are curved to the one piece frame of the phones and screen. The new design is similar to the iPad and iTouch and considerably more thin than the last batch of Apple’s smartphones. The iPhone 6 checks in at just .69 mm while the iPhone 6 Plus is .71 mm in-depth.

Apple, iPhone 6, iPHone 6 Plus, NFC, larger screen, NFC, Apple Pay, HD Retna display

Need for Speed Satisfied
Customers should be delighted that Apple has once again upgraded the overall speed of their latest smartphones. Both models will include the all new A8 processing chip. The A8 chip features a 64-bit architecture and an M8 core processor. However, the wi-fi speed and LTE have also been upgraded by Apple and are reportedly three times faster than the previous models.

Apple, iPhone 6, iPHone 6 Plus, NFC, larger screen, NFC, Apple Pay, HD Retna display

Improved Visuals
A new iPhone would not be complete without state of the art HD Retina display. Apple claims graphics and picture quality for the latest installment of the iPhone are superior to any smartphone on the market. The iPhone 6 Plus utilizes a 1920 x 1080 pixel display, while the smaller model boasts a 1334 x 750 pixel resolution.

Both phones will offer video recording with 1080p HD play back. There are significant camera upgrades. Apple will be introducing a slow motion video capture feature for recordings. Better overall picture quality is promised by Apple. Improvements have been made, despite continuing with the 8.0 megapixel camera for the phone. Users will have more control over exposure, and updated face detection technology. In addition selfie lovers have an upgraded front facing iSight camera, which will feature a burst mode for the first time. The larger model will feature camera stabilization that will compensate for moving while filming and shaky hands during photo capturing.

Apple, iPhone 6, iPHone 6 Plus, NFC, larger screen, NFC, Apple Pay, HD Retna display

Apple announced that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will officially go on sale September 19, but pre-ordering will become available this Friday, September 12. The iPhone 6 will be priced at the standard $199 for 16GB. The 64GB will be available for $299, and the new 128 GB phone will cost $399. The iPhone 6 Plus will cost $100 more for the 16, 64, and 128GB mode models. The phones will be on sale for the four major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile. Apple fanatics are finally in for a major overhaul this September, but the results may be well worth the wait.

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  1. ascendingbutterfly says:

    I never jumped on the iphone bandwagon for some reason. Odd I do have iPods, but never an iphone. These big screens are just making most phones ‘phablets’ Phone/Tablet hybrids. I think they are actually starting to get too big! 🙂


  2. I still have the 4s so I think the 6 would be a huge change for me…but I would get use to it!


    1. Yes, I think you would get used to it real quick when you see all the new things you can do. Enjoy it, I know I will.


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