Movie Review: Sabotage (2014)


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Good. Now I know this recommendation will pi$$ off a bunch of followers but I’m an action guy at heart and I liked this one. It was nice to see Arnold back to doing what Arnold does, and that’s gun fights, drug wars, hot girls, and of course Arnold one liners like only Arnold can do.

This movie is not for the faint of heart because it’s very violent and extremely gory. The problem I have with a lot of “moviegoers” is they want likable characters that they can relate to. If they feel disconnected with the movie regardless of how well the movie is made they don’t like it. The reality of it is that we live in a world where sometimes the bad guys actually wear badges, and that is just the way the world works. The movie is very gritty and for the most part there is some basis in reality here. The movie shows how a good cop could turn bad, and how a good team could turn on each other. Everyone is not going to like this one. If you want to like all the characters on screen, then this one is not for you because there is not one likable character here, but if you have a dark shade of grey to you then you will like this one. Let me know what you think.

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  1. tara pittman says:

    Thanks for the review. My husband likes action movies and would like this one.


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