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  1. Holy moly, that is insane! Kinda makes me glad I never got into the iPhone hype.


  2. I don’t own an iPhone and I’m not in the market for one, but I will say, that is one attractive-looking phone.


  3. I would be afraid to use this phone. It might get lost or stolen


  4. I so would love this case…simply beautiful!


  5. That is crazy. I would probably never spend that much on a case but it would be nice to look at.


  6. I had a phone I used to call brick and joke that I used it for hitting assailants on the head. I think this one would be very effective for it too.


  7. With the number of phones being stolen, this seems like a bad idea!


  8. That is insane! I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on my phone. I do have an iPhone and I love it but it is the 4S. I’m more than happy with it and not thinking of upgrading any time soon.


  9. I like a nice looking phone but I have to be practical as well. Working with kids, there is no way I would do for such a phone.


  10. Wow! I’m sure there’s a group of people out there who are just itching for a gold iPhone. I’m not in that group 🙂


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