Fitbit Concept P: The Next In The Fitbit Family


A couple of images and details of Fitbit’s next product have been leaked, giving us a good idea of its features, what it looks like and even its price – making you wonder how unintentional the “leak” really was – the question is, does it look any good?

The device is pretty similar to what you’d expect from a Fitbit product. It’s a wrist band, available in both slate and black and it tracks your steps, distance travelled, calories burned, how long you’re active for and even your elevation, so it knows if you ran up the steps or on a flat road.

As with other fitness wearables, there’s a sleep function too, with the Concept P tracking how long you sleep for and how deeply. It also has a built in silent alarm that wakes you up around a specific time when you’re in the most ready state to be woken, hopefully eliminating the super-groggy feeling you sometimes get when using your usual alarm.

Eschewing the need for a smartphone – though you can get added functionality with one – the Concept P does have a built in LED display, which gives you access to most of the stats the device tracks, including distance run, how long you’ve been running and your average pace. You can also get information on calls and texts on it, giving you a heads up on who’s calling.

For that last one you will of course need it hooked up via bluetooth to your smartphone, though it can also use WiFi to do the same, meaning you can network the Concept P with your desktop or laptop PC as well. On either platform though, there’s an app that gives you charts and progress statistics, letting you see how much you’ve improved over time. The whole thing is even water resistant to prevent all that sweat from damaging its sensitive internals.

However pretty much all of these features have been present in previous Fitbit products. The only real update to this one is an apparently new hypo-allergenic band, which could help clear up some of the issues the company had with rashes breaking out on the wrists of some consumers, though that was initiailly through to be linked with overheating batteries. It’s also said to be more water resistant than previous models.

What do you guys make of the new product? More of the same, or a welcome refresh of a popular wearable?

Image Source: EVLeaks

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  1. Melissa Smith says:

    I always wanted a Fitbit, but my friends that have them all got rashes from the bands. But since this one has a hypoallergenic band, I might try it out.


    1. I have been waiting for this due to the rashes that people got from the Fitbit Force.


  2. I’ve been looking into getting a Fitbit. I am amazed by the things that this little device is able to track! My sister has one and absolutely LOVES it. I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for this one!


  3. I really want something like this, but I am a dinosaur who doesn’t own a smart phone.


  4. artscrackers says:

    I have heard a lot about these; a couple of my friends use it. I definitely have to look into it now; thanks for sharing!


  5. Looks like another fitbit I need to go out and get. I currently own the zip and flex as well as the aria scale. They make such great products.


  6. Cyndi says:

    That looks awesome! I would love to own a Fitbit! I have tried the Fitbit app on my phone, but it’s not really practical since I don’t always have my phone with me.


  7. Good to know they corrected the skin issue that people were having. Thanks for update.


  8. tara pittman says:

    I dont have a smart phone but would love to have a gadget like this. Very cool things it doies.


  9. Terri says:

    I have wanted a fidbit for a while now, glad you posted about it


  10. Holli Ann says:

    I’ve got the FitBit Zip and would LOVE to try out the Flex.


  11. Love the Fitbit concept. This one looks like a refresh of the existing…not sure if it’s a major upgrade.


  12. toxict15 says:

    This is terrible, but I have no clue what a fitbit really does. Looks cool


  13. Kelly says:

    I have the Force and did not return it in the Recall as I never had a problem with a rash. My issue with it is that the band is falling apart. Since so few people actually had a rash, I’m wondering if this is the Real reason for the Recall?


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