Movie Review: Capote (2005)

Capote 2005

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Fair at best. I’m being extremely generous by saying this movie was fair at best because this movie was like the cinematic equivalent of Ambien. There are parts of the movie that are very difficult to keep yourself awake. Outside of the actual confession, the movie is a complete snooze fest. I’m not a huge Phillip Seymour Hoffman fan.

I though the guy was a good actor and he made me laugh when he coined the phrase “sharted” in Along Came Polly, but outside of that he was not a guy that I would really go out of my way to see. He won the Oscar for best actor for this role and I really had no desire to see this till he took his own life. I’m also sick and tired of people calling his death a tragedy. The guy had 50 bags of smack in his apartment and a needle hanging out of his arm. Sad situation for his family and friends….yes, but by no means a tragedy. The guy took his own life like so many before him that dealt with addiction and unfortunately that will be his legacy. To coin A Bronx Tale….wasted talent. As for the movie I thought it was so slow and boring. I really don’t get how this movie won any awards. PSH’s accent is like chalk on a chalk board for me. It’s so annoying.  If you want to go back and see some of his better movies go see the Big Lebowski, or Boogie Nights. At least there are a bunch of laughs there. I would rather have work done on my teeth than have to watch this one again.

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  1. Noa says:

    I am sad to hear this is just fair, I used to be a huge fan of Truman Capote. But it’s good to know, I don’t have much time to waste on fair movies, plus I like a little silliness to get my mind of everyday stuff. This seems more serious.


  2. rmanea says:

    I have to agree with you, it is not a tragedy.. now his family and friends need to deal with what he left behind.


  3. Jessica P says:

    I always thought about watching this, but I heard it wasn’t as stellar as it could be.


  4. helenalemon says:

    Thanks for the review. I thought he was a good actor like so many others in Hollywood. But to immortalize him and put him up as some kind of legacy to aspire to is just wrong. He needs to put up as an example of what can happen if you decide to let drugs and alcohol rule your priorities. They will addict you and ruin your life. Why play with that?


  5. Thanks for the review and saving me some time! Appreciate it.


  6. Now I know there is no need for me to waste my time on this movie…thanks!


  7. I haven’t seen really any of his movies. I live in his hometown area (Rochester, NY) and the news made such a big deal about his death. He was a drug addict just like the ones all over this city. You right, wasted talent.


  8. tara pittman says:

    I agree such a sad thing when people do dumb things that lead to death. Will have to look into this movie.


  9. Melissa Smith says:

    I’ve come across this movie a few time, but it never sounded interesting enough to me to watch it. Glad to know I wasn’t missing anything.


  10. Well I am glad to have read your review before I tried to go see it. Darn.


  11. Holli Ann says:

    I haven’t seen this one yet but it seems like I might not be missing too much!


  12. Hmm… now that is interesting! I haven’t watched the movie… maybe I should, or shouldn’t lol!


  13. I haven’t seen this, but I have seen Infamous, which I thought was good. I won’t bother to see this, especially since I wasn’t a fan of Truman Capote in the first place


  14. Jen says:

    Thanks for the review. I won’t waste my time!


  15. I’ve never had the desire to watch this. Personally, though, I do feel like any loss of life can be viewed as a tragedy for the loved ones. Yes, it may have been by his own doing, but the family still suffers.


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