Sharks Take On CitiField

Sharknado 2

Its back! Sharknado 2, the made-for-TV movie is SyFy’s follow-up to last year’s social media hit of the summer, “Sharknado.”  I don’t know about you but my wife is a big shark week fan. Every year when Shark Week is on, it somehow makes on the TV in our house. This time around returning stars Ziering and Tara Reid face off against the sharks (and tornadoes) in New York City where they’ll be joined by a string of celebrity cameos ranging from Andy Dick, Matt Lauer, Perez Hilton, and Kelly Osbourne.

Sharknado 2 centers on a freak weather system that turns its deadly fury on New York City, unleashing a “sharknado” on the city’s population and its most iconic sites. Citi Field was struck by a vicious Sharknado, sending fans into a panic and causing widespread chaos and death. Of course, killer sharks were not really falling from the sky and the Mets fans were all actors.

Are you a big Shark Week Fan? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Holli Ann says:

    Oh, Sharknado. Awesome.


  2. Heidi G says:

    I LOVE Shark Week! I can’t wait either!! 🙂


    1. Wow, I must be the only one not in to it!


  3. tara pittman says:

    Shark week sounds like a blast. My boys would love this.


  4. Paula Parker says:

    I must get around to seeing these movies. I don’t have cable, but sometimes go over to the parental units to watch special movies/events. Sounds like so much fun.


  5. Erinn S says:

    This is the first I have heard of this. I will go learn more 🙂


  6. Risa says:

    I have thought about watching these movies just the for the hilariousness. They sound ridiculous!


    1. Yes they do and being a Mets fan, I may have to watch it for the laughs and to see Citi Field.


  7. Jessica P says:

    Shark week is pretty awesome!


  8. I’m sorry but I have totally no idea about baseball. I have never seen a game but in the movie. But it sounds like fun!


  9. Jen says:

    I’ve never watched shark week – too close to home and I still want to go in the ocean!


  10. I haven’t seen the original sharknado movie… I guess I need to watch this one first 🙂 And.. i need to watch shark week too 🙂


  11. We love Shark week in our home too! Great blog you have here!


  12. Rosey says:

    The cameos sound fun! Thanks for sharing!


  13. I’ve never seen this but it seems to be really popular


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