The Bouqs Co.: The Review

The Bouqs

Like most guys, I have attempted to send flowers to my wife from one of those big online flower companies and believe me it was the first time and the last. In fact I cancelled my order. I am one who does not mind paying for something if the company is upfront and honest with me from the beginning. The first sign of hidden fees and other questionable charges like they say on Shark Tank, “I’m out”. It truly was a nightmare and the hidden fees were through the roof.

If you have not heard of The Bouqs Company yet, then you probably don’t watch Shark Tank. John the co-founder of the The Bouqs Company was seeking $258K for 3% of the business. The pitch for the Bouq’s Company is that they ship fresh, sustainably-farmed, amazing flowers from around the world to the loved ones nationwide with honest, all-in pricing, no additional fees and 100% free delivery for clients that register on the site. $40 flat pricing for 1 dozen flowers straight from the side of a volcano farm and for $10 more you can double your order. Though The Bouqs may not have been picked up by any of the sharks, the product sure is a winner.

Last Friday, right on schedule my wife received her flowers for her birthday. At first I thought, they look nice and smell beautiful but there are some petals that don’t look so nice and almost shriveled. Then after talking with someone over at the company they told me those are the “guard petals”. These are the outside petals that protect the more delicate inside petals. To find out how to remove the guard petals and make your bouquet look stunning, click here. They now look beautiful.

You should know that you need to plan ahead when ordering through The earliest delivery dates (only Monday through Friday) are usually 10 days out. Luckily for me I had a month between speaking with The Bouqs Company and when I wanted to send flowers for my wife’s birthday.

If you want flowers next day, this can be done but they will be sent from California and not from the volcano mountainside of South America and are also a different selection of flowers to choose from. One of their best selling points is their “concierge service“ which allows you to put in the dates of your loved ones or special occasions, your shipping address and your payment information and they will send out your flowers for you. You also get a discount per delivery if you pay ahead.

If you want to send some flowers for graduation, a birthday or just because, check ‘em out!

What has been your experience with buying online flowers? At  Let us know in the comments section below.


Disclosure: I received the Desperado in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.

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