Movie Review: The Man of Steel (2013)

Man of Steel

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Mobile Movie Man and may not necessarily reflect those of The Guy Corner NYC.

Terrible. I’m not a purist when it comes to remakes but they could not have done a worse job with this movie. They went way overboard with the special effects and even though it’s action packed it was for the most part boring. The movie fails to reach out and pull you in.

Heny Cavill should not be playing Superman. First of all he’s too short and he’s British with bad teeth. There are too many foreigners in this to be an American classic. This was some sort of a politically correct attempt to make Americans ashamed of America. Now if I was directing this movie I would have ditched Lois Lane and have him hooking up with Wonder Woman. Now that would get my attention and keep me interested for the entire movie. Clark Kent has one of those work crushes on Lois, like when you work with a chick in close quarters day in and day out and all of the sudden you think she’s a 10 when she’s really a 6. Now Wonder Woman on the other hand is 10 times sexier than Lois. Let me put it to you this way..When was the last time you saw a slut dress up like Lois Lane for Halloween? Never happened. Smokes dress like Wonder Woman ever year for a reason.  Who wouldn’t want to see the two of them getting it on while flying?? Now that is something that I think everyone wants to see. Anyway, as you can tell I didn’t like this movie at all so do yourself a favor and skip this one.

What did you think of the movie? Let us know in the comments section below.

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