Hide & Seek Bellroy Wallet: The Review

Bellroy wallet

Are you a guy who has developed back pain due to a bulky wallet? Well I am and I am sure I am not alone. Over the years I have developed back pain that I can attribute to the thickness of my wallet in my back pocket. Due to this problem I have been looking for a wallet that would help minimize that thickness. I have spent some time looking for a wallet that not only minimizes the bulk but also looks good. Lets face it, we all want our wallets to look good, no? That is why we got rid of those velcro ones from the 80s-90s. lol

The Hide & Seek by Bellroy is a full-featured leather wallet that comes with quick access for those cards you use often and longer term storage with easy access to you, but hidden to others.

Bellroy wallets are not only beautiful, but extremely functional as well. In the case of the Hide and Seek wallet, you can even stash away items in the wallets secret compartments. Honestly, who doesn’t like secret compartments? The Bellroy about page states that they consider themselves a small group of people trying to improve the way they carry, and I think they’ve done just that. Below is my breakdown of the wallet.

Bellroy compareFeatures (of the Hide & Seek):

– Protected section for cards & business cards
– Hidden bill section for discreet bill storage
– Premium vegetable tanned cow leather
– Backed by a 3 year warranty


– The Hide & Seek wallet is Stylish
– Feels like an executive wallet and looks amazing
– It does what it says thin & has a hidden section ideal
for keeping prying eyes off your larger notes


– It’s not cheap, but that being said it is a quality item
– The one thing that I noticed is that the leather is soft (and though I do like the feel) it has the tendency to mark easily
– Cannot hold all the cards, receipts and crap in the world (but that’s the point)

The Hide and Seek wallet is ideal for the man that wants a clutter free pocket. The elegant styling will make owners the envy of their friends, and it’s exclusive enough to compete with wallets with a higher price tag. It’s best suited for people who only want to carry a few cards (max 10) and no coins, but Bellroy does offer other wallets for different needs.

For more information on The Bellroy wallet visit: http://www.bellroy.com


Disclosure: I received the Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. James says:

    Fair play on disclosing that you received the wallet in return for the review. That makes me more inclined to give weight to your comments, rather than the opposite, as like many people, I am naturally wary of online product reviews by default.


  2. John says:

    You would need to improvise to store coins. Use the slot behind the 3 cards on the right.


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