The Drop Proof iPhone?

iphones drop test

Apple recently was  approved for a patent that would allow to company to use a special high-tech construction process that involves LiquidMetal and sapphire glass displays, which would make the iPhone 6 far more durable than previous models.

LiquidMetal is a unique type of metal that moves like molten plastic. It is relatively new, and has only been used to previously make SIM card ejectors, medical devices, and various pieces of military equipment. However, it has not yet been used in smartphones or tablets.

Apple’s new patent explains that LiquidMetal will be used in the construction of new devices. In a combination of the high-tech metal and sapphire glass displays, Apple’s ultimate goal is to create a more physically stable phone. In other words, an iPhone that can withstand be dropped onto the floor.

Previously, Apple has only used a plastic chassis and rubberized gaskets to prevent phones from breaking. While they work fairly well, LiquidMetal and sapphire glass are set to work far better and make future iPhones much more durable. However, before you get too excited, keep in mind that this technology has not yet been used in the making of smartphones or tablets. There is no word on whether or not Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 will feature these improvements, although iPhone users are hopeful.

While iPhones can generally take a beating, it would be nice for the iPhone 6 to be virtually drop proof. Unfortunately, fans will just have to wait until the September release of Apple’s iPhone 6 to see if the phones can really withstand being dropped or not. P.S. Just yesterday, Deutsche Telekom allegedly told customers that the iPhone6 will launch on September 19th.


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