Get To Know Mets Bucket Hat Guy

Mets Bucket Hat Guy

If you watch Jimmy Fallon, then I am sure you know Mets Bucket Hat Guy, also known as Mike DiCenzo. He had a recurring role on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and now “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. Mike is a writer and actor who really has an unbelievable talent when it comes to word association. He has a way of seamlessly connecting the dots between a wide variety of topics and words that never fails to impress.

The concept for  Mets Bucket Hat Guy started innocently enough in 2010, when Jimmy Fallon hosted the Emmys. ”I wrote an intro for co-presenters Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham where Jimmy connects their two names doing a stream-of-conscious runner,” Mike recalled.  “He liked it, so we came up with a way to do that on the show.”

The outfit was an accident — or, perhaps, fate.  Mike overslept and was late for work, the first and only time that’s ever happened to him.  He threw on a Hawaiian shirt and a red Mets bucket hat he got for free at a baseball game, and arrived at the  office  two hours late.  He wore the outfit, he said, “un-ironically.”  That very same Hawaiian shirt and red Mets bucket hat now resides in the Fallon wardrobe department.

While his “Fallon” bits are truly awesome, I was really blown away when I saw Mets Bucket Hat Guy take on The “Forbes” Celebrity 100 list in this epic, five minute, seven second name association. What do you think of Mike? Leave your comments in the section below.

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