Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation: The Review

mophie PowerStation

Smartphones are everywhere. We’ve become almost dependent on them in many aspects of daily lives. But unfortunately there are some areas of the smartphone that have yet to be perfected. One key area is battery life. Fortunately with portable power solutions like the Mophie Juice Pack PowerStation we no longer have to feel the heavy burden of a powerless smartphone. A little over a year ago I received my mophie Juice Pack PowerStation as I was writing for my first blog ( I would be at multiple Mets games through the year and would be tweeting, writing or taking video on my iPhone. These actions easily drained my battery and with the known issue that iPhones do not have a great battery life didn’t help. Prior to this, owning my PowerStation, I would easily run out of juice on my phone and would have to hand it in at the Verizon Studio at CitiField for charging. This was a big inconvenience for me because I felt as though I was out of touch during the game. With 4000mAh of capacity the mophie Juice Pack PowerStation will charge your smartphone at least 2 times. And even though I swear by my iPhone, it has the ability to charge android devices too! (Oh, and iPads, because it’s a 2.1 amp output and stuff.) Some awesome things about the Mophie Juice Powerpack Powerstation

  • High-output Charging
  • Android/Micro USB Compatible
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Stainless Steel band

The short circuit protection means you can rest assured that this portable power accessory will not harm your precious smartphone. It also charges your devices 4x faster than your wall charger (which, in my humble opinion, is pretty cool). It has a 4 light LED system that indicates the battery level so you’ll always known when you need to top it off. The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation comes in red, white, black along with all these other colors now.mophie PowerStation colors You can pick up your very own Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation on or find out more details about the product line at

Do you have a power pack that you use? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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