iPhone 6 Prototype Based On Possible Blueprint Leak

white iPhone 6

As the iPhone 6 release date approaches, the rumor mill has been churning non-stop. Specs, features, concept images and possible release dates have been constantly rumored in the Internet for a couple of months already. Now, another purported iPhone 6 images have been posted online. These mockups are believed to be made by case manufacturers to test their cases well-before Apple actually releases the iPhone 6. This is done so as to ensure that cases for the device are available in stores on day-one of sales.

Following the recent releases of leaked photos and videos, it appears that anybody in China who has access to camera and Internet can get hands on to an iPhone 6 mock-up unit. Just recently, a series of images have been posted on Baidu, revealing a purported iPhone 6 dummy.

The person responsible for the leaked photos of the iPhone 6 dummy did not reveal any details where he got the device or who made it. Surprisingly, the same set of images of the iPhone 6 dummy was once again posted in a gallery of images revealing a white iPhone 6 mock-up device.

Notably, similar to the white iPhone 6 mock-up unit that was featured in a hands-on video, the silver iPhone 6 sports the same new design lines, which include the round edges and corners, round rear camera flash, relocated power button and different shape of the volume keys.

Furthermore, as seen in the leaked images, the iPhone 6 dummy is extremely thin, which is consistent with other similar dummy leaks that were revealed from the same region. Also, the leaked images of the iPhone 6 also offers an idea of what the 4.7 inches silver iPhone 6 might look like on release date, if and only if, these leaks were official.

Thus far, reports have not mentioned the possible colors of the iPhone 6 when in is released in the fall this year. In the past, the iPhone 5s was made available in gold, silver and space grey, while the iPhone 5C came in yellow, green, blue, white and pink.

At this point, these leaks and rumors on the iPhone 6 must be taken with a pinch of salt as the Cupertino tech giant has not made any official statements regarding its next-generation flagship device just yet.

Here is an article by MacRumors showing a side by side comparison between the iPhone 6 mockup and the Galaxy S5.

If this is in fact the new design, are you happy? Would you possibly purchase the new iPhone 6? Tell us what you think about the mockups. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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