NY Mets & Wright To Salute NYPD Heros With “The Wright Thing” Community Platform


The New York Mets today announced that “The Wright Thing” community platform created by David Wright will return this season and honor and recognize heroes from the New York Police Department. The initiative underscores Wright’s admiration of law enforcement personnel as his father, Rhon, served in the Norfolk Police Department for 30 years before retiring as Assistant Police Chief in January.

The Mets and Wright will today welcome NYPD Police Officers James Li and Randy Chow along with FDNY EMTs Khadijah Hall and Shaun Alexander. Officer Li was shot once in each leg while chasing a suspect who entered a Brooklyn bus through the rear door. Both officers graduated from the Police Academy in December. EMTs Hall and Alexander were off duty and came to the assistance of Li.

As Wright Thing honorees, Officers Li and Chow and EMTs Hall and Alexander will meet with Wright before the game and receive a mini-replica of third base. They will sit in VIP seats behind third base and be honored on Citi Vision during the game.

“Anything we can do to honor police officers is special to me.” Wright said. “I have seen first-hand how they put their lives on the line every day and I am proud to be associated with a program that honors the NYPD.”

The Wright Thing launched last year with Wright honoring volunteers who made an extraordinary impact on the lives of individuals and organizations impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The season-long initiative raised awareness that more work needed to be done to help our hometown continue the recovery and rebuilding process.


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