Mobile App Of The Week: Giift


Are you looking for a app that can conveniently and easily keep track of all your loyalty programs all in one place? Giift currently keeps track of the balances of more than 500 mileage, loyalty programs, gift and membership cards. They are adding new programs and cards every day, so even if yours is not trackable yet, it will be very soon.

No more unused prepaid or gift cards at the bottom of your bag, no more confusing emails from hotels where you stayed, no more airlines miles lost or points you don’t know how to redeem…

You can even share with friends and sell or exchange your points or value online and trade the cards and programs no longer used for cash or other cards and programs (as long as such programs and cards are exchangeable and tradable).

See what is available and offer something to trade against, or simply let people send you offers and accept or refuse them. It is that simple!

Giift will be releasing a new version of their mobile app for android that will have geo-location, QR code, barcode management, and more coming out on April 10th. The Apple app is expected out some time in May. Though I have to wait for May to download the app I have created my online account and have started to plug in my rewards programs.

With, you have it all in one place and you know how much it is worth!

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