A Night At The Spring Craft Beer Festival

Waiting for the event
Beer enthusiasts awaiting the countdown into the Spring Craft Beer Festival

Saturday was the Annual Spring Craft Beer Festival at the Nassau Coliseum and this was my second year attending. My friend Joe and I headed over to Nassau Coliseum early (We were dropped off and picked up so we would not be o driving after all of that beer). When we got there it cost $25 to park there. Thank God we didn’t drive. That being said I believe it was because there was a WWE wrestling event that night as well.

Press PassWhen we arrived despite the lines we went inside and got our passes and proceeded to head down to the event. With about 5-10 minutes before kickoff Joe and I proceeded past the waiting crowd to the front and were waived in by security. (The advantages of a press pass). This gave us a few minutes to walk around and talk with a few vendors about their beers and sample a few as well.

As the mad rush of people came in we decided start working through the different beers. Personally I like the darker beers though Joe is a fan of the ciders so we had a nice mixture of both that night. Of the ciders, some of my favorites were ACE Hard Ciders (Apple Honey and Perry cider), Doc’s Draft Hard Ciders (Pear and Apple ciders) and Mikes Hard Margaritas.

Of the different beers there were so many, some of which I never tried before. Of the beers I never tried there was Original Firemans Brew, Roscoe Beer Co. and The Brewers Collective. Then there were the classics that I am familiar with like Harpoon Brewing, Long Ireland Beer Co., Angry Orchard, Magic Hat, Goose Island just to name a few.

While there ever hour on the hour a different brewery will time release a new beer of theirs but you better get there quick because they will go fast. This years lineup is listed below. We did miss the 6PM but had the Long Ireland Whiskey Barrel Celtic and Harpoon’s UFO Big Squeeze Shandy.

6:00pm – Dirty Deeds Russian Imperial Stout
7:00pm (Follow the Bagpipers) – Whiskey Barrel Celtic
8:00pm – UFO Big Squeeze Shandy

There were also non adult beverage vendors like D’s Nuts, Little Cigar Factory, Tapped Enterprises, Homebrews & Handgrenades, Mr. & Mrs. Jerky, Benito’s Hot Sauce, The Jerky Hut and more. Then there was also Shipyard’s Silent Disco, a small disco where when you are given a pair of headphones to listen to the DJ and dance to your hearts content.

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*Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. I received 2 passes to attend the Spring Craft Beer Festival at the Nassau Coliseum for review purposes only. All opinions are of my own.


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