5 Features I Want To See In The iPhone6

iPhone6 concept
Image Source: iPhone 6 concept by Nikola Cirkovic

With a brand new iPhone model coming out later this year, many are hoping that it will take a leap that Apple needs to make to survive in this thriving market. The Samsung Galaxy series has been one to step it up in the market when it comes to new features. Whether it is a larger screen, better camera or HD screen, Apple has been lagging. So from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6, should every Apple fan make that leap for a smartphone change? Well below are 5 features I really want to see in the new phone this Fall.

1. Design – The iPhone 5s may have not made any huge change in terms of design when compared to its predecessor. But this time, many analysts are giving hints to Apple fans on how much the tech giant is preparing to come up with much bigger handset so as to give way to a bigger looking display. There are even talks of the upcoming iPhone 6 to have a curved display which the majority are thinking to be unlikely to happen. Besides, even rival company Samsung is rumored to come up with a bezel free display for their soon to be released Samsung Galaxy S5, IBT reports.

2. Hardware – When it comes to this specification, there is not a high chance of Apple changing its storage and connectivity options for the iPhone 6. Hence, it is expected to have the same hardware features as that of the 5s: 4G/3G mobile data, no microSD and NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lightning connector and the three storage options of 16, 32 and 64GB.

3. Camera – The iSight cam of the iPhone 5s may have already been improved but it can render better if they would push through with the bigger sensor of 13MP for the iPhone 6. Not to mention the rumors of the additional optical image stabilization and the wider f/2.0 aperture. Besides, whether the camera will still be better for the new flagship or not, the camera aspect will surely be a major pleaser.

4. Processor – When the A7 chip was launched for the iPhone 5s, many are expecting that it will be even made faster for the iPhone 6 processor. It still remains unsure though whether it will be called the A8 or the A7X if it will make its faster performance plans come true.

5. iOS – The rumored iOS 8 for the iPhone 6 can certainly show its improvement when it comes to the capacity of the Touch ID scanning feature. If it be upgraded still with the iPhone 6, then users can expect the fingerprint security feature to do more than just unlocking the phone, KnowYourMobile wrote.

But as for now, people will still have to wait a bit longer to decide on their own whether the leap from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6 is worth taking.

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