Life With Kids: A Funny Story


So yesterday morning, as my wife and daughter get in the car to head to school, my wife is laughing. She proceeds to tell me the conversation that her and my 8 year old daughter just had. She proceeds to tell me that our daughter sees her in leggings and she comments how nice they are. She asked if I was wearing them to work. My wife said no just underneath my dress pants to stay warm. She proceed to tell her that she used to wear leggings all the time when she was 17-18 and in college while we were dating (Yes my wife and I are high school sweethearts).

My Daughter: “you dated daddy at 17?”

My Wife: “yes, why?”

Daughter: “because you told me I couldn’t date until I was 18!”

Wife: “when did I say that? I don’t remember.”

Daughter: “When I was 7!”

She is tooooo much!!! I guess my wife and I have to watch what we say around my daughter. What are some funny stories you have had with your kids? Add them to the comments section below.

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